Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Leadwood Big Game Estate situated? 

Leadwood Big Game Estate is situated on the southern side of the Hoedspruit / Origstad (R527) main road. Just 7 kilometers outside the town of Hoedspruit, in the province of Limpopo.

Please explain about the "Big Game Conservancy"?

Leadwood Big Game Estate forms part of the 5 500 hectare Rietspruit Game Reserve, south of the town of Hoedspruit. The Game Reserve is home to Lion, Leopard, Rhino, and plains game such as Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, and Impala to name a few. Elephant relocation and introduction to Leadwood Big Game Estate has been approved.  Elephants will be roaming our estate in the near future.

What does the term "Big Game" mean?

The term "Big Game" indicates that the game reserve carries some of the Big Five, but excludes Buffalo (Elephants will be arriving soon!


What form of ownership is available at Leadwood Big Game Estate?

Leadwood Big Game Estate offers 1 hectare freehold title stands / vacant land. This is one of the few developments in the bushveld that offer this most secure form of ownership.

What benefits does freehold title ownership offer?

Owners at Leadwood Big Game Estate will obtain a title deed for their property, once the property has been transferred in the deeds office into the name of the purchaser. Recognized financial institutions can offer a bond for a freehold title property.

Can I fence my 1 hectare property?

The developer will not allow the owner to fence the perimeter of their hectare, they will however consider a low impact electric fence to be erected directly around the house.

Will there be levies?

Yes, the monthly levies are R 2 700 per month, and will be paid to the Home Owners Association, of which each owner becomes a member, and will determine the levy structure at their AGM (Annual General Meeting).

What will the levies pay for?

Each property will be levied for maintenance of the reserve, the roads, security, fixed costs of electricity and water and other facilities. Game reach will also be conducted in the conservancy.

Are there any additional costs involved in owning a property at Leadwood Big Game Estate?

Electricity and water usage in the home will be for the owners account. Rates and Taxes from the municipality will also be for the owners account.


How will the estate be managed?

A Home Owners Association has been established to manage the Estate. Once a stand has been purchased at Leadwood Big Game Estate, the owner automatically becomes a member of the Home Owners Association.

Can I use my BMW/Mercedes/Porsche etc 4x4 to traverse on Leadwood?

The owners must use a recognized game viewing vehicle for all game drives, the vehicles must be the "bushveld green" in colour. There are also stickers (available from the developers office) that must be displayed on the vehicle.

Can I use a quad bike/off road motorbike on Leadwood?

Due to the nature of the estate, no excessive noise will be allowed. This precludes the use of quad bikes and any off-road motorbikes. These may only be used to exit or access the property.

How is the Estate going to be secured?

There will be a high level of automated security at the entrance gate to Leadwood Big Game Estate. The entire perimeter of the conservancy has an electrified game fence, and the conservancy has regular mounted and foot patrols as well as anti-poaching initiatives.


Do I have to build on my stand within a certain time frame?

You can build you home whenever you are ready to build. There is no time limit restriction on building although once you have started building your home must be completed within a period of 9 months.

What size dwelling can I build on the Estate?

The building footprint is determined by the positioning of a peg on each 1 hectare property. You may within a 17,5 meter radius of this peg. These pegs have been positioned in order to have as little impact on the environment  as possible.

Are there architectural guidelines?

The style of the homes is contemporary as well as being eco-friendly with the emphasis on low maintenance and maximum adaptation to the environment. Our homes allow for water tanks to capture rain water and other features to preserve energy. No dormer windows or skylights will be allowed as light pollution can occur.

May I use my own architect?

Yes, but the developer needs to sign off the building plans. The Homeowners Association has to sign off on all plans to ensure that they abide by the guidelines.

May I use my own builder?

Yes, provided that the builder is registered with the NHBRC and he needs to sign the HOA rules and regulations stipulated for builders.

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