last stands now selling

We are down to our last remaining stands on Leadwood Big Game Estate which are selling for R2 950 000 including VAT and an entrenched traverse onto one of the neighbouring properties, Khaya Ndlovu Nature Reserve, which forms part of the Rietspruit Game Reserve. All stands are approximately 1-hectare stands and are Full Title properties that have electricity and water already installed to the corner of each stand.

Buying from the developer offers some clear advantages:

  • No time limit on when you have to build 

There is no timeline from purchase to when you have to build on the estate allowing for investments in the land to grow and be reaped without any further costs or, you can develop your dream home and take your time, ensuring that each and every corner is perfect and to your liking.

To prevent the construction of homes from ongoing, once a building begins it must be completed within 9 months ensuring that the projects are completed timeously with minimal impact on the environment or neighbours.

With the freedom that the Architectural Guidelines of the estate offer you, you can be comfortable that the interests of neighbours and the environment are kept in mind whilst allowing you to have the bush home of your dreams, whether it be a modest bushveld retreat or an expansive bushveld villa. The “Guidelines” allow for a range of options when it comes to roof design, exterior colour, and other aspects that other estates do not entertain meaning that not only is Leadwood Big Game Estate the jewel of the residential estates but it allows you to design and build your own jewel in the bush.

Please contact us for information on our stands for sale as well as any other queries you might have.

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